BJP has removed dynastic politics from India: Shah

TIL Desk/National/Kolkata/ Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah said on Tuesday that his party has removed dynastic politics from India and introduced the politics of performance.

“We do not believe in the politics of appeasement which is votebank politics. We have removed dynastic politics from India. We believe in the politics of performance,” he said during an interaction with intellectuals on the second day of his three-day visit to Kolkata.

His remarks came on a day Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said that dynasties were commonplace in India, from politics to business, and asserted that a person’s capabilities were more important than pedigree.

Shah said the Narendra Modi government has in the last three years shown the political will to take decisions unlike the previous Congress-led government which had suffered from policy paralysis. For the first time since Independence, India has a government which is not only for urban India but also for rural India, he said.

The Modi government has taken several ‘historic steps’ — from opening bank accounts to providing LPG connection for poor families and construction of 4.5 crore toiletsheet said. It has also taken decisions like demonetisation, introduction of the GST and the surgical strikes, he said.

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