Haseena is a bigger risk for Shraddha Kapoor than me: Apoorva Lakhia

TIL Desk Bollywood/ Shraddha Kapoor has so far played likeable characters on screen, but in Haseena Parkar she’ll be seen in a completely different avatar, and director Apoorva Lakhia believes it will be a bigger risk for the actor. Lakhia says it came as a surprise to many people when he approached Shraddha for the role.

“I could only give her a basic idea of what I wanted and I think she had done a great job. It (the film) is a bigger risk for her than it’s for me. She plays these chocolaty lovable heroines, where she sings songs. In real life too she is a chirpy person,” says Lakhia.

“But Haseena doesn’t have any of these things. Also, everyone was surprised when I approached her.” The director commends Shraddha for immediately saying yes to the role without any hesitation. “As an actor, she never questioned, ‘Oh why am I playing a mother of four?’ That shows how confident she is of her talent. For a woman who is 30 to play a 50 year old, where there is no song and dance what she is known for, is fantastic.”

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