Govt. cut GST rates to avoid drubbing in gujarat polls: Shiv Sena

TIL Desk/National/Mumbai/ The Centre slashed GST rates to avoid a drubbing in the Gujarat polls, the Shiv Sena claimed on Monday while dubbing the BJP an “expert in gaining political mileage and publicity” from any issue.

In the biggest Goods and Services Tax rejig yet, tax rates on over 200 items were cut on November 10 to provide relief to consumers and businesses. As many as 178 items of daily use were shifted from the top tax bracket of 28% to 18%, while a uniform 5% tax was prescribed for all restaurants.

Questioning the timing, the Sena asked the Central government why it decided to “bow down” now. “These people are experts in gaining political mileage and publicity out of any issue,” it said in the party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.

“Why did this government, which had said (it) won’t compromise on the issue (of GST) and would ignore protests, now bow down? The answer to this lies in the staunch opposition they are facing in Gujarat polls,” it said. The Sena claimed that BJP leaders are not being allowed to enter villages in Gujarat and conduct press conferences, and their posters are being removed.

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