Opposition seeks Bhagwat’s apology for ‘insulting’ Army

TIL Desk/National/New Delhi/ The Opposition latched on to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat’s reported remarks on the Army, demanding that he apologise to the nation and Prime Minister Narendra Modi clarify if he was in favour of a ‘private militia’ guarding India’s borders.

The parties charged Bhagwat with ‘insulting’ the armed forces and the country by claiming that in the eventuality of a battle to be fought, the RSS could mobilise itself in three days while the Indian Army would take six to seven months to do so. Leading the charge, Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted that Bhagwat’s remark insulted the Indian tricolour.

‘The RSS Chief’s speech is an insult to every Indian, because it disrespects those who have died for our nation. It is an insult to our flag because it insults every soldier who ever saluted it. Shame on you Mr Bhagwat, for disrespecting our martyrs and our Army. #ApologiseRSS,’ he tweeted.

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