Today relationships are at mercy of typed messages: Hrithik

TIL Desk Bollywood/ Actor Hrithik Roshan shared a “good tip” for the new generation and said relationships today are at the “mercy” of how the “typed sentence is interpreted”. Late on Wednesday, Hrithik took to Instagram to share that his film “Koi… Mil Gaya”, which clocked 15 years of its release, gave birth to a “newfound strength” in him.

“Rohit (his character) helped me understand every single thing I went through as a boy with a stutter. And made me realize how everything that ‘is’ was simply meant to be. “He helped me understand that strength was not as important as courage. And that it was ok to have weaknesses,” Hrithik wrote.

He added that being “ok with your weaknesses in itself was courage”. Hrithik said Rohit also taught him never to assume what people were thinking. “He never did. Never tried to read the minds of others like we do so often in this age of sms and whatsapp. Rohit took things at face value or based on evidence,” he wrote.

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