Terms like chest-thumping nationalism, jingoism used to shame people: Kangana

TIL Desk Bollywood/ Declaring that passion for the country should be proclaimed loudly, actor Kangana Ranaut says terms such as “chest-thumping nationalism” and “jingoism” are being used to shame people these days.           

Ranaut, who spoke on nationalism during the launch of a song from her new film Manikarnika, said she agreed with lyricist Prasoon Joshi and writer Vijayendra Prasad who articulated the same views.     

“Nowadays, words like chest-thumping nationalism and jingoism are used for shaming. When we used these words on our set, Prasoon sir and Vijayendra Prasad would tell us, ‘Yes, it’s chest-thumping. So, why not?’ So, how passionate you are, that’s how your passion will be,” Kangana told reporters at an event along with Joshi and Prasad on Wednesday.

“How beautifully Prasoon sir said, one should not be shamed for whichever kind of love one has. Flags of various colours are being waved, so what’s bad in our tricolour? We should not be ashamed about it,” she added.

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