Mamata warns Modi: If you take panga with us, I will become changa

TIL Desk/National/Kolkata/ West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee reacts to PM Modi’s speech at Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, where he said he identified with the tea workers because he used to make chai from the tea leaves they picked. Mamata Banerjee says: “During the election, he (PM) becomes ‘Chaiwalla’ after the election he becomes ‘Rafale walla’.

I feel ashamed to talk about this person (PM). Nobody from Kolkata HC  was present. All infrastructure was paid for by us. The land is ours, circuit bench is of HC but nobody from them was there. It means the bride-bridegroom wasn’t there but the band party was there.

From RBI to CBI, why is everybody saying bye-bye to him (PM)?. He (PM) doesn’t know India. He reached here only after Godhra & other conflicts. He is a master of Rafale. He is a master of demonetisation… He is a master of corruption. He is matter of arrogance. If you take ‘panga’ with us, I will become ‘changa’. 

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