People want to get rid of terrorism, those in ‘maha milawat’ want to remove Modi: PM

TIL Desk/National/Aligarh/ Attacking the anti-BJP alliance formed for the ongoing Lok Sabha polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said while people wanted to get rid of terrorism, those in the “maha milawat” wanted to remove him from power.

Addressing a poll rally here, PM Modi asked the crowd, “Tell me whether terrorism should be eliminated or not, whether we should enter Pakistan and kill the terrorists, whether we should conduct surgical strikes and airstrikes, whether our jawans should get a free hand or not? Has your chowkidar done the right thing?” The crowd replied, “Yes.”

Hitting out at the anti-BJP alliance, the prime minister said, “You are saying terrorism should be eliminated, but those in the maha milawat say PM Modi should be removed. This will help them run their politics, but will it be beneficial for the country?

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