Vested interest for me to do ‘Dream Girl’: Ayushmann

TIL Desk Bollywood/ Actor Ayushmann Khurrana says there is a vested interest for him to take up “Dream Girl”, which is a massy rom-com. “I’m all for great commercial cinema that allows me to reach out to a much wider audience base and engage with them.

I realised that by doing such masala movies, I’m actually widening the reach for my other films that I often do to spark a social conversation,” he said. “If they like me in such commercial Bollywood cinema, they will most probably come back to see a project that could be extremely relevant and topical and important for people to see and ponder over.

 That would give me the fulfilment I seek by being an artiste. So yes, there is a vested interest for me to do ‘Dream Girl’ because by doing so, I can pull a lot more people for my socially relevant films,” added the “Article 15” actor.

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