Arnold Schwarzenegger: James Cameron is a great friend

TIL Desk Hollywood/ Ahead of the release of the action thriller “Terminator: Dark Fate”, Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger opened up on his equation with the producer James Cameron, saying “he is a great friend”.

He said: “I”ve known him since 1983. Cameron and I clicked right away. And I think it was not necessarily because of anything else other than we were both like kids and liked similar things. We were both into knives. He knew which company made what knife. So did I. So, we talked about the difference between a hand-crafted knife and a hard-mounted knife. And swords, Samurai swords, and how they have been folded seven times.

“It was all that stuff. We both knew a lot about weapons. And then motorcycles. Oh, God… After we had finished filming, in the morning, after filming all night, Jim and I jumped on our motorcycles and went on a ride. Ever since then, we still go on motorcycle rides together at the weekends. He still has his Harley Davidson. And I still have the old Harley Davidson, from Terminator 2, that he gave me as a birthday gift.

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