Vicky Kaushal on his fear of ghosts and water

TIL Desk Bollywood/ He might have acted in the upcoming horror film “Bhoot: The Haunted Ship”, but Vicky Kaushal is extremely scared of ghosts in real life. In the build-up to the film”s release, the actor revealed a near-spooky experience from the sets. “Once, during the shoot, a ladder was almost falling over me and suddenly stopped when it was just three inches away. I had a feeling that maybe there is someone on the set who is feeling disturbed due to us.

So I silently requested, we are making your biopic, please let it happen smoothly. But nothing serious has happened with me as in no spooky experiences,” said Vicky. The actor also revealed that he feels scared while watching horror films and never watches them alone. He shared: “I watch horror films very rarely. Maybe once a year I get the feeling that okay now I am grown up and I can watch a horror film. I feel really scared while watching horror films. I have watched a few in English such as Conjuring, Paranormal Activity and Annabelle.

I prefer watching horror films with a set of friends, especially the ones who are even more scared than me. That gives me a little courage.” However, despite being so scared of horror films, Vicky revealed that he somehow managed to shoot for one. “I was okay with shooting a horror film because I knew the moment there would be a cut, I would sit sip tea with the ghost. So, I could manage that,” he smiled.

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