Acting is way more challenging than modelling: Diana Penty

TIL Desk Bollywood/ Bollywood actress Diana Penty who began her career as a model says that even though she misses doing runway shows, she won”t be able to go back to it full time.

“I used to love doing the runway shows when I was a model and I miss that sometimes now. But it”s great to go back to it every now and then as ”showstopper”.” The “Cocktail” actress, however, adds that acting is more challenging a job and it keeps her going.

“For me, acting is way more challenging because it pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and try new things with each film. I love challenging myself; it”s what keeps me going. So as much as I love my time as a model, I don”t think I”d be able to go back to it full time,” said Penty.

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