Provide cash to poor, Tax breaks to Industry during COVID-19 Lockdown: Rahul

TIL Desk/National/New Delhi/ Amid a country-wide lockdown due to COVID-19, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday demanded immediate financial support through direct cash transfers to the poor and daily wagers, noting that delaying this will cause widespread devastation and chaos. He also urged the government to act swiftly in announcing tax breaks and financial support to industries which are struggling to prevent massive job losses during the coronavirus crisis.

“India is fighting a war against the coronavirus. The question is how can we minimise casualties in this war? I believe our strategy should have 2 components – Tackling Covid-19 and isolate the virus and block its escape routes. Massively expand testing to identify and treat those who are infected,” he said on Twitter.

The Congress leader also demanded creation of massive emergency field hospitals, particularly in urban areas, with full ICU capabilities to provide care to patients. On the economic front, he said, “Those who survive on daily wages need immediate help & support through direct cash transfers into their accounts & free rations. Delaying this will cause widespread devastation and chaos”.

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