Donald Trump defends his Syria decision amid broad criticism

TIL Desk/World/Washington/ US President Donald Trump on Tuesday highlighted US-Turkey relations amid broad criticism against his decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria where Turkish offensive has been underway.

“So many people conveniently forget that Turkey is a big trading partner of the United States, in fact they make the structural steel frame for our F-35 Fighter Jet,” Trump said in a morning tweet. Turkey, however, has been removed from the F-35 program this July as a result of receiving the Russian S-400 missile system.

“Also remember, and importantly, that Turkey is an important member in good standing of NATO,” he added. Trump also announced that his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan would visit the United States next month. About 50 US military personnel stationed in the border area in northern Syria would be redeployed within Syria, a senior official of the Trump administration said.

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